Sudzukice with patatas bravas

Czas czytania: 3 minut

Today’s dinner or baked potatoes with sauce a la salsa other words Patatas bravas 🙂 to fried spicy sausage of lamb – cevapcici.

Cooked potatoes are waiting:

The sauce merrily cooked in a frying pan 🙂

Ingredients for the sauce:

half an onion finely tailored,
2 cloves garlic, squeezed out and fried,
sweet peppers + a little finely ground chili jalapenio,
the tomato finely tailored,
Bay leaf
That’s all you need to take to reduce, or if you start is dense it all watered with water.

And this sausage, which called Sudzukice (bought in Mostar in Bosnia and Hercegovina):

Potatoes fried:

and the end result, of course, eaten amid the sound of cicadas:)