Czas czytania: 3 minut

Pasticada is our favourite dish.

0,5 bottle of wine Prosek (or sweet red wine) 0,5 bottles of dry red wine 
vegetables: celery leaves, parsley, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 3 cloves of garlic,
1 kg of beef
nioki (or “polish kopytka”, gnocchi or boiled potatoes)

All the ingredients can be bought in the store besides Prosek (croatian homemade wine). Instead, We recommend any sweet wine, the whole point is that tasted 🙂

At the beginning vegetables and wine:

We chop vegetables. We recommend  carrots cut peeler vegetables, surely everyone has in the home. There made thin slices, which then disintegrate during our cooking. Wine will be needed later.

Meat and Nioki ( “polish kopytka” or italy gnocchi):

1 kg of beef enough for 3-4 persons.

Nioki we can do easily with boiled potatoes, sometimes we are from the previous dinner. Cut the beef into 3 parts to speed up cooking.

Beef fry in a deep dish with olive oil, to blush meat, then throw all the vegetables are finely chopped and fry moments.

Fried vegetables watering wine, per kilogram of meat we recommend 500 ml dry wine + 300-500 ml Prosek or other sweet wine.

We cook everything for an hour  on low heat, until the meat is falling apart under the fork.
We prepare Nioki and pour pasticada. We have a delicious  Balkans dinner.

Enjoy your meal !!