About us


It will be the 8th time when we visit Croatia. For some it’s not enough, for others it’s a lot …  for us is still not enough !

Who was for once in the Croatia that  will know what “attracts” us there. Croatia is not just the warm sea, mountains and beautiful views, it also friendly natives and Balkans cuisine.

On the our page we want to share our feelings and encourage you to visit Croatia, increasingly popular in foreign tourism. But we also encourage you to plan your trip “on their own,” it’s a lot more fun and pleasure. Road to Croatia abounds in places that are worth seeing.

Our website is designed to encourage travel, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes cases of things you can discover and  rare view

We are willing to cooperate with persons conducting blogs and websites of holiday and travel as well as with individuals and companies associated with tourism.
We are open to:
– advertising – accommodation, travel agencies, travel agencies and transport;
– promotion of Croatian tourism, and in particular cities and regions of Croatia and the Balkans;
– sponsored articles;
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– Reviews travel books;
– other proposals for cooperation

We invite you to contact us, maybe you will encourage a relationship, you may want to share their feelings, just write: cromaniacy@gmail.com