Place the jars – ground pork shoulder in jars

Specialty for those who want to take their food from the Polish, for example, camping in Croatia. The advantage of this dish is that after proper pasteurization can be stored for quite a while.

The recipe is very simple and the effect of a very tasty …


20 ounces of bacon,
2 kg of boneless shoulder, it can be any other pork
natural pepper, ground, marjoram


The meat should be ground in a food processor along with the bacon, then a bowl of meat mass must be mixed with spices.

Add the spices, if you like a lot of garlic or a sharper taste. Then knead the mass well as sausage, add a little water during kneading.

Translate into a boiled jars and turn off.

Pasteurise in a pot for about an hour and then move to a cool place for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the blade is ready to eat, if you want to store the jars longer it should be after this time, the second time pasteurized for an hour and then we can store them for several months.